Virtual Showroom Tour

Welcome to the virtual showroom page. It is the best way to view our range of artificial plants, artificial trees and decorative pots in advance !

With this Showroom Tour you can take a walk around in the entire showroom, from the comfort of your home, as if you were in our flagship store in Amsterdam/Aalsmeer.

It is the best way to see our comprehensive assortment of artificial plants, flowerpots and arrangements in advance! It’s very easy: move your mouse over the image and click on the place you want to walk to. By clicking and dragging you have a full 360 degrees view of your surroundings. Via the menu on the left side you can go directly to the plant of your choice.

Have fun looking around!

Maxifleur Showroom / Cash & Carry

The convenience of advice, looking, choosing and taking directly from stock. Modeled and 100% guaranteed at the lowest price!

Apart from our webstores in England, The Netherlands, France, Belgium and Germany, Maxifleur also has a 11,000 square feet showroom in Rozenburg (nearby Aalsmeer/Schiphol) as you’ve seen above. Since February 2012 we also have a spacious shop-in-shop in Ammerzoden. Here you’ll find an assortment of artificial plants and replica trees, as well as numerous complete pot and plant combinations and many more examples that can serve as an inspiration.

You are more than welcome to come and see the true-to-nature quality of our products and pick up some creative ideas for your home or workplace. We especially recommend our retailers to come by one of our showrooms and Cash & Carry! You can discuss your wishes and needs during an informal talk with one of our interior advisors without any obligation to purchase.

Are you interested in one specific article or would you like to pick up your order? Please contact us beforehand so that we can check to see if your article is in stock or that your order is ready. The number is 0330 8080763.

Apart from artificial trees, plants and palmtrees, we have more than 300 different types of luxurious flowerpots and plantpots on offer. In our showroom you can mix and match your desired plants and trees with the many different pots so that you can create the perfect combination for your location!

Maxifleur Showroom Video Presentation

Want to see more of the showroom in Rozenburg? Watch the video presentation below.

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